How it works

  • CryptoVolHunter compares the movements in Volumes, Prices and Market Cap of all CryptoCurrencies listed in CMC.
    The comparisons are made on 1h, 24h, and 30d basis.
  • CryptoVolHunter shows the Coins which Volume gains at least x1.5 times and is at least $50,000 on 1h and 24h basis.
  • CryptoVolHunter shows the Coins which Market Cap gains more than 30% on a 30d basis.
  • You are also provided hourly with the biggest Top 50 USD Gainers and Losers and Bittrex and Binance newcomers.
  • By giving you timely and accurate information CryptoVolHunter is trying to help you to find the biggest market Gainers.

Upcoming Features

  • Watch list

    Ability to watch the Coins by adding them to a watch list

  • Table view

    Ability to view the results in a table with many sortable options

  • Android App

  • iOS App

What's next?

  • Q1 2018 The Hunt is On! Free Trial Period
  • Q1 2018 Build Strong Community
  • Q2 2018 New Features
  • Q2 - Q3 2018 Premium membership
  • Q4 2018 ICO launch

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